Monday, September 18, 2017

Update on the Kids

Hi Everyone! So, um, its been awhile. I have made a new resolution to post more often because the hordes of dissapointed readers my twin is agitating for the internet to be blessed with more pictures of the 5 amazing small human beings who happen to all live under my roof.
Sarah Grace is fitting into the family. Yesterday, I came up to find Mariam lovingly inserting a grape into Sarah's mouth. I broke up the party, and took away the grape. Sarah was unfazed, and smiled her huge wide little smile---in which her chubby cheeks just widen out even more---and another grape
popped out.

A couple nights ago, we started having the kids pray more regularly. Their prayers were very...them.
Isaiah prayed his heartfelt (now stock) prayer, "Dear God, help us not to die! Amen!"
Sociable Jenny's was along the lines of "Dear God, thank you for a good day. Thank you for a good story. [Josh is reading them Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy] I wiked the story, because Almanzo's pumpkin won. Amen" Jenny is a fan of winning competitions.
On introverted Keziah's turn, there was an intense silence for 60 seconds, and then a quiet "Amen". "I PRAYED" she announced joyously.
Mariam attempted a synthesis prayer from her two oldest siblings. "Dear God, Denk yoo not die, Amen"

There were some fourth of July festivities

....because nothing says America like Cap's shield and a lightsaber.

Keziah, "Mom...I WUV YOU SO MUCH!!!"
 She also loves to read about Princess Pinecone in  The Princess and the Pony

Jenny keeps attempting a coup. She tells me what to do, and when I don't do it “But mommy, IN DUH STOWY, you are my sister.” Younger sister, I think. “I wiww be in duh stowy EVEN WHEN I'M SLEEPING”
When she attempts to discipline one of her little sisters “But in duh stowy, she is my daughter”

 Isaiah continues to bond with Daddy over Calvin and Hobbes. A book of his father and his father before him.
Mariam, the early bird, likes to wake up and have breakfast with Daddy before Mommy is up. Her favorite request is “Tram Trackers en miwwk” (Graham Crackers in milk)

Mariam kisses her quite a bit now. I can trust them alone together for a moment. She is a good big sister, and I think has forgiven Sarah for dethroning her. She'll come up to me (when I'm googoogahing over Sarah) and say “BABY TUTE!”

  A few more pictures of our newest blessing (birth story still pending!)

Actual models may vary....

We got a pretty good one. She's so good, easy tempered, sweet, and graces us with her bright-eyed wide smile, very often.
hair styled, courtesy of Aunt Mali

I'm a little backed up on the pictures, but we had some Aunts visit, in which the kids had a blast.

Aunt Sarah teaching the kids how to play games

Aunt Leah, I don't know whose idea this was.

Aunt Mali + kids
Isaiah carefully tucked them in, and then said "I put all the Sith Knights to bed"