Monday, March 4, 2013

Josh Link Outfit--Planning

 So we can break down his outfit.  First,
  1.  There seems to be a long sleeved tan undertunic with a mandarin collar and a little lacing up the neck. This is very similar to Faramir's quilted undertunic. I think the mandarin collar is there to keep the armor from chafing against his neck when he moves around in combat. And it just looks awesome. 
  2. Next there is a chain mail tunic thing with sleeves to just above elbow and mid-thigh length. It is almost completely covered by the overtunic. 
  3. Over that, there's a green overtunic with sleeves to just above elbow with some nice detail embroidery work. 
  4. He wears tan brown pants.
  5. Absolutely awesome tall brown leather boots, reaching to just under the knee
  6.  A thick brown leather belt, suitable for hanging things off of
  7. A sword scabbard with a double strap and buckle across the front that just looks cool
  8. And some combination of brown fingerless gloves and black bracers held together with brown leather straps, 
  9. With a really big tooled leather second bracer on his left arm (for blocking?), 
  10. A SWORD
  11. ...and a ridiculous hat.
I love the detailing on the green overtunic in this one, especially on the sleeve edges and around the neck.  Artwork posted by zelink4ever on 
Many of these components are similar to the components in Faramir's outfit. 1 (tan ls undertunic, green overtunic, belt and cool belts on the weapon holder, tall boots, combination of brown and black bracers).

So, back to the list, I think I will make
  1. (1) like Faramir's undertunic, just without the quilted sleeves. Perhaps Josh can use this with his Faramir outfit in warmer weather, so as not to have to wear quilted sleeves in summer. (
  2. 2)chain mail is alas, beyond my skill, 
  3. (3)overtunic I can definitely make and will be the most 'Link'ish of the whole set, not interchangable with his Faramir outfit. 
  4. (4)pants will be very useful, I like how they are fitted but not clingy and they will be interchangable with his brown pants for his Faramir outfit. 
  5. (5)boots is a must have, and beyond my skill, and when we do get those awesome tall brown leather boots will be for both his Faramir and Link Outfit. 
  6. (6)belt we kind of have, but I will keep on the lookout at thrift stores for more awesome brown leather belts, which I will use to make 
  7. (7)scabbard but modify it to a quiver perhaps? Josh can use this for his Faramir outfit as well. 
  8. (8)Bracers look kind of like a non-fancy version of Faramir's bracers, so I will make Link's first, and perhaps when I learn from them...
  9. ...then I can make Faramir's true bracers and Link's tooled leather over-bracer(9). 
  10. (10) Sword is alas, too expensive for us to justify buying right now (but like the boots, when someday we do, it will be a plain good sword to serve for all his outfits). I will make him a bow to carry in the meantime. 
  11. (11)hat is ridiculous, and I shall not make this for Josh unless he really really wants it. It looks like a dunce cap to me.  
Just paint it green, and then you can feel cool :)

 Now, if Josh is Link.....dare I? It seems like crossing some definite threshold of nerdiness :)


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