My Stories

My stories will go here.

The Morning People.
When civilization collapses, a fractured fiefdom in America. A postmodern city, guarded by the weirdos in the margins of the society.

The Amberstone
A fairy tale, made by an 8 yr old. Retold and embellished a decade later for an 8 year old....Three sisters, orphaned and torn apart by war, wolves, and slavers. Pirates, tigers, sieges and swords.

Where the Lilies Truly Grow
A fairy tale, inspired by C.S.Lewis' Till We Have Faces, and a vivid dream.

The Woodcutter and the Wolf-King
A child's fairy tale (picture book style) I'm still working on the illustrations.

more to come


  1. kiddo, I'm going to start rioting if you don't finish one of these, at least

  2. maybe I'll just write my fanfiction of the Morning People, and I'm going to make Ariel a Catholic Priest..... and yes, the 'gurion' threat is going to be zerg....

  3. Ariel is technically a bad Catholic, so I don't think he could become a priest....He's technically Catholic because that was what he was baptized as, but he takes communion from Protestants and isn't well versed in all the legal stuff. It's harder when the whole world is fragmented post-apocalyptic.

  4. still not done with morning people ����‍♂️����‍♀️��‍♂️����‍♂️

  5. my threatening Buckingham palace guards were crudely transformed into question marks and astrology gender symbols. it is a sign of the times. -_-