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Lord of the Rings Tutorials

Gondor Ranger Baby Carrier (Mei Tai style)

How to make fabric paint stencils

How to Make Kids Kid's Medieval Shields (Pics here the tutorial is coming...)
How to make Lacing Rings from an Old Hanger

How to Make Faramir's Ranger Hauberk

How to make Pennanular Elven Brooches 
(without a forge, Cold Forging)

How to Make Medieval Wall Hangings
(Book of Hours, Hebrew, Medievaloid)

Lord of the Rings Rivendell Interior Decorating

How to make Cheap Leaf Wall Hangings

How to Make Eowyn's Dresses for Everyday
(Everyday Lord of the Rings Wardrobe: Epic and Wearable)
  1. Eowyn's White Wool Dress
  2. Eowyn's Shieldmaiden
  3. Eowyn's Coronation Dress
  4. Eowyn's Green Dress
  5. Eowyn's Helm's Deep Travel Coat (Cotehardie)
  6. Eowyn's Refugee Jumper
How to Make Arwen's Dresses for Everyday
(Everyday Lord of the Rings Wardrobe: Epic and Wearable)
1. Arwen's Angel Dress (Combined with Rose Dress)
2. Arwen's Bridge Dress
3. Arwen's Blood Red Dress
4. Arwen's Requiem Dress

Star Wars Tutorials

TUTORIAL HERE Toddler R2D2 Dress/Tunic with Hat (PICTURES HERE)

Princess Leia's Hairstyles When You Have Normal Amounts of Hair
(a.k.a. Sock Bun Fun)
  1. Princess Leia Classic Buns
  2. Princess Leia's Ceremonial Hair
  3. Princess Leia's Hoth Hairstyle (Crown Braid)
  4. Princess Leia's Bespin Hairstyle
  5. Princess Leia's Medical Ship Bun
  6. Princess Leia's Rebel Assault Hairstyle
  7. Alderanian Inspired Hairstyles (Winter)
  8. Shada D'ukal Inspired Hair--Fancy
  9. Shada D'ukal Inspired Hair--Action

Princess Leia's Ceremonial Dress

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