Everyday LOTR Clothes

Everyday Lord of the Rings Wardrobe: Epic and Wearable

In other words, stuff I can actually wear to more places than Ring/Costume/Dragon/etc Con. 
Because it seems like such a rum pity to spend so much time making something beautiful, and only get to wear it 4x in your life (not counting photoshoots), and have it hang in your closet while you have to wear jeans and t shirts and modern stylish clothes you don't really love.

I want to make things, inspired enough by LOTR dresses that I feel epic, but without sleeves trailing into the stove or the toilet while I'm swishing diapers. And out of something that I can wash the baby spit up out of (and the mud and blood from arrow-wounds and adventures...)

Yeah. So. Epic and Wearable.

List will be updated as links soon.


The Mighty X (plus IV more...)

I. Arwen (Empire Waist, long A line skirt, wide [embroidered yoked or cowl] neck, removable tippetted half sleeves, removable wb or long belt)
Cranberry Gown
Bloodred Gown
Requiem Gown
                                                     Bridge Gown
                                                     Angel & Rose Gown Combo
                                                     Gold ‘Cranberry Gown’

II. Eowyn (Shoulder Princess seamed, half circle skirt [w/ or w/o split overskirt], half sleeves [tippetted or laced], wide yoked embroidered neck w/ v inserts or wide v neck)
‘White Wool’ Gown
Funeral/Hall Gown
Green Gown
Coronation Gown
Arwen Cranberry Gown

III. Medievaloid, Tolkien Inspired Sundresses

III. Tolkien Inspired Bridesmaid Dress
III. "Epic Echoes" Medievaloid (Tolkien Inspired Sundresses) (Shoulder princess seamed/darted, cap sleevs [reg or French], half circle skirt, notched wide embroidered yoke)
‘White Wool’ dress
Cranberry  (Hobby Lobby Claret cotton) & Gold Trim
Deep Green & Gold Trim
Olive Green & Brown Trim
Tan & Olive Green Trim
(variation) Shieldmaiden Sundress w/ removable half sleeved under-shirt chemise

IV. LOTR Jumpers
IV. LOTR Jumpers (Shoulder Princess Seamed Jumpers)
Arwen Bloodred Gown Jumper w/ removable tippetted half sleeved under-shirt chemise
Eowyn Refugee Jumper w/ removable rolled half sleeved under-shirt chemise

V. Eowyn Refugee Jumper type 1 (Medieval Kirtle Style),
V. Medieval Kirtle Style Jumpers (Medieval Kirtle Style Sleeveless Jumpers to be worn with Medieval Under Support, Optional embroidered wide neck facing. To be worn with chemise-like half-shirts underneath, or removable fake tippetted half sleeves)
Edit: I'm just too lazy to bother with ALL that lacing every time I get dressed....If I make this again, I'm going to insert a lapped zipper in the side seam, and then only have the lacing in the front go over my bust for nursing. Plus then I don't have to worry about the entire dress coming unlaced when I'm just trying to nurse (not that it would...I'm just paranoid...)
Red w/ Tan border & embroidered neck facing
Gray Brown
Burnt Orange (self colored embroidered neck facing?)

VI. Cotehardie Medieval Kirtle Style w/ front button closure
wool Burnt Orange w/ dark brown trim w/ gold embroidery, inspired by Eowyn’s Travel Coat
olive green wool w/ gold embroidery
wool blend dark blue stretch w/ gold embroidery (rich tippetted embroidered arm bands) must be worn with medieval undersupport. Inspired by Eowyn funeral/Hall gown
Cream cotton w/ gold&silver embroidery, inspired by white wool gown

VII. Ranger, second from left.
VII. Ranger (Half-Sleeve tunic, Belt, Pants, to be worn with fitted long sleeve in wintertime. Worn with Belt and Cloak optional)
Olive Tunic w/ Brown Trim
Tan Tunic w/ Olive Trim
Tan Tunic w/ Brown Trim
Cream Tunic w/ Burnt Orange Trim
Brown Tunic w/ Olive Trim
Brown Pants
Tan Pants
Green Pants
VIII. Dwarven/Saxon/Viking
 VIII. Dwarven (Saxon Dress-Long Tunic w/ Apron Dress. Medallion Pins w/ beaded chain across. Belt w/ hanging pouches. Cloak & Boots optional.  
Saxon Dress-Long Tunic (embroidered neck, long sleeved, just above ankle length)
Middle Class Apron Dress (stained apple green stuff?)
Cool Belt w/ hanging pouches

IX. Dwarven Adventure
IX. Dwarven Adventure Outfit (Knee Length Tunic w/ pants and sleeveless  semi-fitted 4 panel overtunic. Belt w/ hanging pouches.  Bracers and x-back scabbard for axe and pick. Cloak & Boots 

Head Kercheif
Adventure Knee Length Long Sleeve Tunic
Olive Green or Brown Medium Weight  Overtunic
X-back scabbard
X. Bliaut
 X. Eowyn (Book) Bliaut-Style Saxon Tunic Dress, A line with minimal bust shaping, pull on over head. (should accommodate up to 6 month baby belly)
Bliaut Style Tunic Pull-over Dress
closefitting long sleeved underdress/shirt
Bliaut Style Belt for non-pregnant times


XI. Shirtwaist (A. Collared Short Sleeved  B. Collared Long Sleeved C. Simple French Cap Sleeves D. Modcloth Short Puffed Sleeve)
Pink D
Blue Floral (Hobby Lobby) C
Tan C
Grey-Green C or A

XII. Separates Tops: A. Arwen Linen Shirt B. Peplum French Cap Sleeve Blouse C. Long Sleeved Collared Blouse D. Long Puff Sleeved Romantic Blouse (Mandarin Collar)
Arwen Tan Linen Shirt
Tan Peplum Top

XIII. Separates Bottoms: A. Half Circle Skirt B. Tulip Skirt Calf Length C. Pencil Midi Skirt D. Pants (Half or Regular)
Tan (poly cotton) Half Circle Skirt
Tan (poly cotton) Tulip Skirt
Tan (poly cotton) Pencil Midi Skirt
Tan (poly cotton sheet) half circle skirt
Dyed Brown Canvas Half Circle Skirt
Dyed Orange Brown Canvas Half Circle Skirt
Dyed Green Canvas Half Circle Skirt

My Theory of Dress
I don't want to have a 'special' wardrobe of beautiful garb & reproductions that fill my closet, which I will only take out for photo-shoots, and then spend my life wearing PJ pants and T-shirts because those are comfortable and I can nurse in them.
I want to make clothes that are---

Comfortable enough that I will want to wear it (not just in my vain moods that hit once a week) Practical enough (ie easy nursing access) that I won't have the baby screaming at me while I fuss with wiggling out of it every time she wants to eat 12x a day.
Epic enough that I look a little like Eowyn or something...because it makes me happy.
  1. Practical (for living in, and nursing in)
  2. Quick (can get dressed in under 10 minutes)
  3. Comfortable (so on reg days (most days) will WANT to wear it. Not sacrificing comfort for beauty)
  4. Secure(don't have to always be retucking) to nurse and re-fix even under a nursing cover in public
  5. Historic/Epic inspired (LOTR, Medieval)
  6. Easy to care for (throw them in the washing machine, on gentle)
Note on Historical Accuracy: I love how historical clothes are cut—it saves fabric. Often the more accurate, the prettier they are. However, if its cheaper or simpler or more practical for me to make it another way (on machine, using cotton instead of wool, zipper for nursing access instead of a ton of hooks and eyes, or adding a waistband to regency dresses, etc.) I'll do it that way. Hence I aim to make "Historic Inspired" clothes, not actual re-enactor level stuff.

for personal reference...
  • Pretty, 
  • not easy for kids to pull, 
  • Quickunder 5 minutes, 10 minutes max. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Less pins the better. No hairspray. 
Not so fancy I have it in a list, and then do my hair in a little knot every day...

  1. Parted French [can turn to updo with bun, or folded French W/ barette] Parted French Fishtail
  2. Sidepart semi-crown braid with hanging braid [can updo as Grecian]
  3. Midpart semi-crown braid with hanging braid (Shada D'ukal Action)
  4. Single Braid with sidetwists & circlet (use faux french trick), or paper beaded headband
  5. Tamina Braid (sideparted, french rope on both sides)

  1. Nautilus, braided or unbraided. On top of head, or regular. 
  2. Classic Vintage. 3 sections w/ sidepart. Sides bobby-pin puffs. Center back bun. (Or can do 3 wiggly buns)
  3. Parted French braid, bunned or folded French. Parted French Fishtail Updo
  4. Grecian Basic (Sidepart semi crown with braided bun)
  5. Midpart semi-crown braid with shell bun wrapped in braid or braided nautilus.
  6. Heidi Braids
  7. Rope braid bun (with pearl-pins) 
  8. Emma  (Shell bun with bottom half of hair, braid from top half wound around it) or Braided Nautilus.

Princess Leia
  1. Top third high shell bun, middle 1/3 hanging braid, lowest 1/3 wrapping braid. (Princess Leia Ceremonial variation)
  2. 2 shell buns, just above ears. (Princess Leia Classic)
  3. Crown Braid (Princess Leia at Hoth)
  4. Midpart semi-crown braid (Braids no. 3) shell bun with hanging braid loops (double, doubled within, wrap and single loop) (Princess Leia Bespin variations i & ii & iii)
  5. Midpart semi-crown braid (Braids no. 3) with 2 braids in oval bun (Princess Leia Rebel Assualt)

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