Thursday, January 16, 2014

Elven Interior Decorating Continued : How to make Elven Lanterns (inspired by "Moroccan Lamps") out of Posterboard, tissue paper, and an electric candle

So here is my tutorial on DIY Elven lamps from posterboard, tissue paper, and an electric (Christmas Decor) candle.


"Moroccan Lamp" inspired Elven lanterns, from poster board and tissue paper. For really cheap.

So I had posted how much I loved Moroccan lanterns, how Elven they looked. I want to hang up a bunch throughout my house, the way the elves strung lanterns between the trees.
I alas, neither had the budget for that (cheapest lanterns, 15 bucks x 10....yeah..), nor the skill to make my own out of metal (and while I still hope to do that one day, adding up the cost of sheet metal and jeweler's saws and all, it still not be cheap)

I brainstormed a bit before, especially after seeing Helen Hiebert's Shadow Lantern, and then last night all the pieces came together.

And I made this. For cheap. Really really cheap. So now I can make 10 for under 10 bucks (not counting the electric candles. Check Christmas Clearance for those).

You will need:
  • White tissue paper (the kind you stuff gift bags with)
  • Scotch tape 
  • Double sided tape (optional)
  • Posterboard
  • Spray Paint
  • An electric candle, the kind that uses a 4 watt night light bulb. (Usually a Christmas Decoration)
The tools you will need are
  • Utility Knife
  • Cutting mat (can use a few layers of posterboard, or a large piece of scrapwood)
  • Pencil with eraser

  1. Posterboards usually come 22"x28", I used half a posterboard, cutting a piece about 11.5 x 22" and folding it into fourths (make sure they are nice and crisp folds as you can manage).
  2. Then I drew (or stencil) with the pencil the design onto each panel, leaving a 3/4-1" border on each panel for the edges.
  3. Here's the long part, cut out the cutouts with the utility knife. I've found cutting from non-shiny side to shiny side made for the cleanest cut. Not exactly sure why. Plug away, its worth it.
  4. Now spray paint the thing your color of choice. I did gold metallic spray paint. I'm going to try not spray painting it at all and trying a white-on-white look like lace. You could do black, and use colored tissue paper for a stained glass look.
  5. Tape tissue paper panels to the inside, using the scotch tape and the double sided tape.
  6. Tape it together, put the candle (no more than 4 watts! That's all I can vouch for. And you know fire risk and all that, make sure the electric candle is smack in the middle and not pushed up against any of the sides. If you want to use more wattage, then brainstorm for more fire resistant materials or something)
  7. Glory in your success....
See, make sure the bulb isn't pressed against an edge...

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