Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Things that make me happy.

 Memories of climbing this mountain, looking like a Lord of the Rings set. Seriously, God didn't have to make these obscure harsh places of the world so beautiful, but he did. (Independence Pass, CO)

Was there a couple weeks ago. Sniff. It was so beautiful.

Clouds. Especially clouds catching the light.
I took this out of a car window, a car that was moving. Thus the blurriness....

 Isaiah wearing big floppy hats (he usually prefers baseball caps, backwards)

 My Medieval-Inspired Tunic I made, that makes me feel AWESOME. Like Shada D'ukal. Or someone from Lord of the Rings. Or someone just awesome. Its actually quite simple to make, is easy to nurse in, and makes the wearer feel awesome. Tutorial coming soon. (Josh told me I looked like his idea of a girl Jedi in it :) Most romantic husband ever!)

Ignore the weird face. But the picture shows the tunic well.

#5 These people being happy. They started out with a dream and sheer Chutzpah. Doing impossible things, because they were too young to realize it, and so they did them anyway....
 I love them for it.
Burns Family Studios evidently watching a stunt



Seriously, this is a rare rare rare event. He hates cameras, and makes a Classic Josh Why-are-you-ruining-this-moment-with-a-camera face, modeled in 99.9% of all the pictures that I have of him. Which is very distorted impression for posterity, since he only makes that face for cameras. So I slyly took this picture while he was talking to Micah. It pleases me muchly :)

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