Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Of Cars in your Toes, and Climbing Chairs.

Things have been interesting lately.
Jenny's new climbing obsession.

Like waking up in the grey of dawn, to hear a child crying. To rush to his room, to find that the child locks have failed. To run to the bathroom, to find---
All your makeup unzipped from its bags, in the sink with the water running over it---
And the supposedly child-proof 40 oz. of mouthwash poured over the floor---
And a 2 yr old boy, crying, as he has got mouth wash on his hands and is rubbing it in his eyes.

Or posting some adorable pictures of your adorable kids, only to go back and find the said kids, sitting on a destroyed lamp and 2 boxes worth of tissues on the floor. To put these aforementioned kids in timeout, only to come to get them, and find they've removed Daddy's old lego hoard from its hiding place under the crib, and have managed to get ALL THE YARDS AND YARDS OF PACKING TAPE that you mummified the container in, with nothing but their clever little hands and teeth. In 5 minutes. And are now sitting on a heap of Legos, like Smaug.
And they're sooo proud of themselves.

Other accomplishments.
Jenny, at 15 months, says "High Tive" and gives you high fives. She'll run away from you into trouble, but as soon as she decides she's going to get caught, turns, laughing and running toward you, like it was all a joke after all.
 I witnessed her steal a car from Isaiah. He was incensed, and chased her around the room, crying, while she evaded him. As he closed in, she flung it down, like she didn't really want it after all.
She knows when the game is up, and pretends like it didn't matter to her anyway. Or maybe it didn't. Maybe she just wants to watch us run around and panic....
She climbed out of her bed, and beamed at us. She is very aware of her newfounds skills at climbing everything. The night she started her climbing career, I saw the gleam in her eyes of independence, of someone who had just gotten her drivers license.

This is her innocent face. "Why are you looking at me?" She's also very good at that. Right on the heels of doing something she *knows* she shouldn't be doing.

Isaiah, has been reading himself books, and remembering things for a very long time. I read him a Spot (he says "STOT BOOK!") book with pictures, one which includes a drawing of colored pencils. I read it to him, and commented once, "colored pencils, one day I will let you draw with these" But not this day. Lest you poke your eye out.
Now, whenever he reads the book, he points to the pencils, and says to himself, "Pencils. One day", before turning the page.

 Isaiah was very interested in his red car.
 I was trying to figure out what he was doing.
I was still trying to figure it out.
  I think I asked him. He may have explained. I didn't get it.

And then Jenny's head appears above him, like an angel. I finally realize, while I have been photographing Isaiah, Jenny has been climbing the chair on the woodchips.

She is caught, and taken down.

She also tries to turn the hose on. Thankfully she hasn't managed that yet.

Innocent face

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