Friday, January 10, 2014

Leah's Christmas Dresses (Regency inspired, with a thick waistband)

So I had made my sister this red regency inspired dress a while ago....

 but I wanted to make something more modern this time. So I thickened the waistband to extend to her natural waist, and slipstitched on a sash. I left the puffed sleeves and the drawstring elastic neckline the same.

These are not the best pictures, as we were leaving in the morning, and I realized around 11 pm that I still hadn't got pictures of her in the dress, so I snapped some pictures in the low light with my little point and shoot camera. She looks even more beautiful in person.

The first one was a yellow calico with blue flowers on it. I cut the skirt a simple A-line. the finished length was 40" which was a tad too long. I think in the future I'll aim for a finished length of 37".

I don't know why the waistband is wrinkling. I think I have to take away a little fabric in the underbust seam under the arm maybe?

I think she was eating something. But she looks so cute I had to put it up.

Then there was the Purple and white one. I lined the dress completely with muslin, so to keep the white from being see-though. I cut the skirt out as a half-circle, and as it was from a 45-43" wide fabric, the skirts finished length was around 33". Leah like it, and the swishyness. I think I'll need to make her a petticoat to go along with it.
The sash is slip-stitched on.

 My greatest pride and joy with this is the sleeve bands. I had a brain wave to make them kind of "framing" of the print, by using purple that was in the print. They have a very nice framing effect. I danced for glee, and showed it off to everyone.

The last picture shows it truer to its real colors, as it is white, and not cream as the bad lighting makes it look.

I need to get nice sunlit pictures of her in in them. I will post them when I do.

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