Saturday, April 5, 2014

Of Camping and Peter Pan Collars

So...we went camping. It was fun. The kids discovered pinecones. And dirt. And the wonder that is sticks. Jenny spent the first 20 minutes poking a pine tree with a stick. Every "hike" turned into 3 steps, pick up a stick. 3 more steps, swap it for another stick. 3 more steps, try to pick up rocks....

Of Peter Pan Collars.
This was my first dress-from-a-shirt experiment. Its far from perfect, but she's soooo incredibly cute. 
Breakfast at my house....

This was the second dress-from-a-shirt attempt.

 I was trying to snap cute pictures while she was trying to pull the flowers off the aloe vera plant. She has a taste for picking and harvesting things from bushes etc, even when the shouldn't be harvested. She loves picking the seed pods off the acacia bush and filling her little bucket with them, and twigs and small rocks....

 After I realized what she was doing, and chased her away from the aloe vera plant (she loves running away, laughing wildly) she bumped her hand. So she stopped, and demanded a kiss for it before she could continue. This is her holding out her hand asking "Jenny bonk hand" for a kiss on it.

 Here she is with a seedpod from the acacia bush (which she's allowed to harvest) being thoughtful.

And here is Mr. Isaiah, who was busily chalking "beavers" across the porch while I was doing Jenny's photoshoot.

Here he is another day, busily drawing beavers....

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