Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keziah turns One, and shows her skills with a walker...

So Keziah turned one year old....

Grandma made the cutest cupcakes you ever saw....Jenny calls them "chickee faces."

Keziah got a board book she was very excited about.

She seems unaware of her great accomplishment.

She's been kinda moody though...
Like responding with indignant crying to the whimsical commands of her mother, such as "Kuzzles, don't hit mommy in the face", or "Kuzzles, no pinching" or "Kuzzles, no biting"....

She remains incredibly sweet though, and at odd moments will crawl away from her playing to rest her head on your lap for a few seconds, then catch your eye and smile, before going back to her play.

Isaiah's imagination continues to brood on stories, but he at least is letting us be part of it now, as he quotes bits and waits for you to quote back the next line, upon which he continues, and sees how long you can go.

His moral development is also coming along, as now, he doesn't just steal fruit when he finds it. Today, I had been washing the grapes, and after purloining some when my back was turned, he came up to me, joyfully holding the grapes, and said "MOMMY, THANKYOU!!!" with the most beatific smile, as he walked off to eat the grapes.
He wanted to be above board and give me a heads up. Now if only we can teach him to ask first...
He told me a story this morning, as he climbed into a cardboard box that the cats have been enjoying.
"Isaiah says, 'Chloe [one of the cats] can I sit in the box?' 'Chloe says, 'yes, Isaiah, thankyou' 'Isaiah says 'You're welcome Chloe!'"

We're still working on the proper order of 'thank you' and 'you're welcome'

Jenny has also been talking a lot recently, she told me a story too. "Jenny was in the backyard, and there was flies. And Daddy came and killed the flies. And Jenny was happy."

Keziah continues yelling.

Jenny continues being the Susie Derkins to Isaiah Calvin. Isaiah burst out with (at dinner) "Are you a dog?" I think, a reference to the David and Goliath video they've been watching recently.
Jenny answered. "No. I am not a dog. I am a guwl"

They love to chalk on the pavement. Except they want me to do all the actual chalking. They prefer to be the artistic vision behind the apprentice, as they order what colors and things they want. (Now dwaw a pink daddy stormtrooper. Now dwaw a yoda wiv a gween lightsaber. Now dwaw a white fish. Now dwaw a pink cat...")
They will give orders as long as I still have a piece of chalk in my hand. These sessions usually end with the apprentice throwing down the chalk and begging the masters to draw their ideas themselves, but they have yet to comply.

They also like playing the piano. It actually sounded quite good, with all 3 of them playing.

Jenny got her "pink spway bottle" and some cleaning rags, and carried them around.

Kuzzles was showing off her mad skills with the walker. Actually, she was quite driven, charging ahead with her little walker, stopping only to smile briefly and then continuing with her mission. She doesn't know how to steer it though, and would inevitably get it stuck on something (trees, chairs, rocks, siblings) and then start to complain loudly until the obstacle was removed. Then would instantly start charging ahead again.

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