Monday, August 3, 2015

Isaiah turns 4 years old!

Isaiah turned 4!!!
 He was pretty excited, as he's been singing "Happy Birthday" over stuffed animal birthday cakes in anticipation of this day, for at least a month.

There was a cake, I decorated.

And his guests, his sisters (one day I'm going to throw a birthday party. One day)

He got a Norman helmet, and Starwars Rebels Legos, as well as books and a movie.
The rest of the day looked kind of like this...

 I came in later, and found this.
 Josh wearing Isaiah's helmet per his request.

He's growing up. As he tells you now, he is four.
He has so much unbridled joy over certain things (playing Legos with Daddy, getting tickled, watching "STAR WARS!", building the Avengers Puzzle with Daddy, or while watching the Donut Man) that sometimes he leaps around laughing for joy.

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