Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, I had a baby in September. So I forwent the Ithilien Family Idea (Josh as Faramir Ranger, me as Eowyn, the kids as either little Rangers or Shieldmaidens), and the Star Wars plans (Josh as an Imperial from the Empire of the Hand, Isaiah as a Stormtrooper or Luke, Jenny as Mara Jade or Princess Leia, little ones as droids), and had Josh's mom and sister do most of it this year.

So we had a Fairy Princess, or a "Fawwy Pwincess Buttuhfly" as she called herself. I think she stole a few hearts, saying "twickohtweet" or "Thankyou" at the doors intermittently.

Alas, this is the little grimace she trots out whenever you ask for a smile. She is, in fact, saying "CHEESE!"

And a little cat. She matched her Aunt, also a cat. She drank a bottle during the trick or treating, prompting one candy-giver to request seeing her teeth as proof of her ability to consume the candy, before putting a handful into her little purple bucket. It was pretty cute.

And a Stormtrooper. Although he went against protocol, and took his helmet/mask off for the duration of the adventure. So I guess we can all assume he lives to the end of the episode. Which he did. And then ate so much candy his mouth was blue.

 And a last minute Princess Leia who, due to clothing constraints of what was white, is sort of a praire-school-teacher version of Princess Leia. Which was cool enough it made me which I had a six-shooter in lieu of a blaster. A Space Western, you know.

This Alas, is the only group shot. Josh, as you can see, went as "Josh." He was probably the most convincing of all of us.

And the crowning glory, was the "Queen of Cheese." So named because of her habit of producing prodigious amounts of cheese, to rival the title of her elder brother who held the position of "President of the Cheese Club" for the duration of his infancy.

Grandma was Queen Elisabeth II, so here are the Royalty pictures...

Aunt Cathy came up with the concept for the Queen of Cheese, and made the costume.

She made several big smiles, all of which seemed to happen between the autofocus' "reload" time....

Just as we were returning, a car pulled up in the dark, and a woman held out a bag toward us saying "This is for you!" I hung back, with brief thoughts of horse heads and strange mafia and voodoo stuff fleeting though my head, before we realized it was our neighbor, giving a baby gift for Mariam.
It was an abundance of beautiful handmade burp cloths, a tribute which the Queen of Cheese readily accepts.
Much candy was consumed, and Isaiah even flattered me by having a little meltdown when I changed out of my Princess Leia costume. "Mommy! Be Princess Leia!"
So I think there's going to be a lot of Princess-Leia themed clothes in my future :)

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