Friday, March 1, 2013

Leah's Red Regency Dress

 I sewed Leah a dress yesterday. I am so proud of myself. I made the pattern myself. And it WORKS.  1. I had her try on my dress. 2. I roughly approximated things like, she could use a couple inches more in the shoulder, etc. 3. I redrew pattern pieces from my pattern pieces, and made a mockup (from an old sheet) and tried it on her. 4. Tweaked it a little more, and now was ready to make the dress.  Here are the initial pictures. We took these at midnight. I will have better pictures up and how we did it soon. Also I have the cutest little girl in the world. 

This gives a good view of the bodice. It is a drawstring neck with elastic inserted to keep it from gapping when she moves her arms. She moves her arms a lot. When I was a kid my mental image of 'industrious' was Leah.
I am so proud of the skirt. Its an A line, with a hem and a tuck running along the bottom to make it stand out more. The back has pleats, the front is smooth but cut at a shallow u. I learned through trial and error that cutting the top waist part into a shallow u, makes the drape soo much prettier.

 The cat was trying to drink out of the water in the sink. I love how her braid hangs down her back. (Yes Leah was trying to do my dishes at midnight. She tried to convince me to clean the house instead of sew her a dress. She is my conscience.)

Did I mention I had the cutest baby in the world?

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