Saturday, November 29, 2014

Of Shields and 2 year old Theology

Here are some glam shots of the shields.
To get any sort of cooperation from the kids, I had to bribe them with chocolate chips. And even then, my St. George would only tolerate a few lukewarm glances at the camera after I was waving a handful of chocolate chips. St. Joan of Arc was more cooperative, and even smiled in hope for the chocolate chips not yet seen. Her faith was rewarded.

Awesomest toy kid helmet and sword ever from here

 I realized in the above shots Joan of Arc was wearing hot pink pants. I know they had bright colors back then, but I rushed out and got some brown pants that more matched my medieval sensibilities.

Joan of Arc was not thrilled. She wanted "no, no, duh pwetty pants!!!" It was some time before she would smile again. Only when reminded about the chocolate chips...

And you though Captain America on a motorcycle was cool....

St. George photobombing....

"En I spear duh dragon fru duh mouth"

Saints evidently have union rights. When Jenny said "I fight duh dwagon" Isaiah corrected her, "no, no! I fight duh dragon! You fight duh Engwish!"

I am so. proud. of. this. thing.

I did the rough outlines, Josh did the detail work. My toe is copyrighting this image in the corner, since I'm pretty sure no one wants to claim ownership of it....

We played under the table, with Christmas lights. Isaiah (surprise) decided it was "a gun!" Jenny called it fire, and had her pet pony eating the lights.

Isaiah loves Bible stories. It seems sometimes he gets them a little mixed up, and then transmits them to Jenny.
The other day, I was trying to peer into her ear (long story), and Jenny asked very matter of factly "you going to cut off my ear?"
"No, Jenny!"
"Jesus cut off Peter's ear, but he put it back"
I think that was Isaiah's oral tradition of Peter taking off Malchus' ear....

Isaiah loves hearing the story of the Prophet Elijah at bedtime, all the way from Carmel to God speaking to him on the mountain. Anyway, he's developed the disconcerting habit of repeating bits of the story randomly. Especially the sentences that get the most reaction out of me, such as "Dear God, pwease wet me die!"

(Another example, Isaiah repeatedly throwing the potty chair about the room while laughing maniacally and shouting "how DARE you turn my fadder's house into a den of feeves!")

Anyway, while they were eating, Isaiah announced "I died"
Jenny was disturbed and repremanded him "no, Idaiah not die!"
To which he maintained that he did.
Jenny was agitated at this, "No, Idaiah, JESUS died"
Evidently, dying is only something Jesus is allowed to.

She's enforcing doctrinal purity, at a very young age.

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