Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cute Kid Pictures

 Isaiah was smiling, as he built himself a red sheep around bedtime.

 The kids really like it, when Daddy is home, and we are all hanging out in their play room together.

Keziah is a big fan of 'Isaiah's First Sword' made for him at the tender age of 3 months by Josh, from a ruler and duct tape.

She loves that thing.

Everyday shieldmaiden inspired outfit, all from regular clothes.

Princess Jenny with a spray bottle. I snapped this picture just before she sprayed the camera.

My attempts at better photography. I read an article about "catch lights" in the eyes, and having the kid 45 degrees from the light source, etc. Lucky for me it was a (rare) overcast day, so the lighting was awesome. Here is what I got.


Jenny found the cut off zipper tie from Josh's worn out (and since trashed) blue winter coat. He had it all through college, and I think when I first realized I was falling in love with him, was when the sight of a blond boy in a blue winter coat made my heart jump, and when I saw it wasn't him, then I was dissapointed. And then I realized....
but anyway. I never imagined I would marry him and then there would be this stubborn kid that would show up and find a broken piece of that coat and insist it was "my wing!" and wear it for 2 hours, and dip it into her snack milk, turning it grey....

They just shot a spotted beast with a ray gun.

Another thing the article said to do was change up the angle that I shoot at. So I experimented with different angles, with backlight, etc. These were my favorite of the bunch.

Aaand, I turned around and found while I was snapping glam shots of Jenny, Keziah had been amusing herself by eating dirt.

Isaiah kept reaching for the not-yet-ripe tangelos (he got one the day before and ate most of it, getting a belly ache).

I heartlessly took a picture of his striving. He was just so cute.
Keziah going after my popsicle as I attempted a selfie....

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