Thursday, February 19, 2015

Abundant Life...

God has blessed Josh and I with abundant life....that's the phrase that kept running through my head as I sang these little ones to sleep.

Keziah woke up later, disoriented, and I held her a bit and put her in her crib. An hour later, Keziah woke up disoriented again, so I went and held her a bit, and put her back in her crib.
Then I looked down and saw....this.

Jenny is pretty much in the exact same position, but Isaiah has scooted across the empty space vacated by Keziah and has taken Jenny's arm.
Isaiah always needed human proximity. He co-slept in our bed for the first year of his life, but would happily climb over our heads so much, to wake us up to play, that we kind of quit that. Then he would reach through the crib slats and hold my hand during his nap times.

A couple days ago, when they were playing outside, I drew Isaiah (at his request) a "Roman Soldier." He then started his quizzing game of "Roman Soldier Says...?" waiting for a response.
(the correct response to "Hulk Says...?" is "Smash" not "Rawrr," if you get it wrong he just keeps helpfully prompting "Hulk Says...?" at least a couple and up to ten more times before he fills in the answer for you, depending on how he is feeling. The correct answer to "Capun America Says...?" is "Stop, do not go to the dragon, I will fight the dragon." to which he responds "You stay here and pray to...?" and you have to say "God." This was straight from his St. George and the Dragon bedtime story. Somehow Captain America and St. George have gotten conflated in his head)

Back to the Roman Soldier. Never having heard this one before, and knowing how particular he is about the answer, I just kept repeating "I don't know." After a couple more prompts he helpfully filled in "The Roman soldier says 'Hear ye people of Nazareth, each must return to the city of his birth to be counted and...?"
So at least I could fill in "taxed." He beamed.

 He also is obsessed with having me draw him stormtroopers with the different colors of chalk. You can see a glimpse of one in the background....

Jenny remains her awesome self. She loves wearing "my skiwts," (her dress up skirts) over whatever else she has on. Here you can see she is wearing both her yellow and her pink one. I presume the only reason she is not also simutaneously wearing the blue one is that it was in the wash.

 Keziah remains so cute it hurts.

She really started playing with her siblings this month.

Now, she is not content to merely watch them playing something, but she laughs and crawl into the midst of the fray.

Here they are, storming the shed. Isaiah with his gun, Jenny with a stick, and Keziah hammering with her little hands. It entertained them for 10 minutes.

Keziah has been very playful with me too.

Often she will climb over me, and try to blow on my belly (I often blow on her belly, which always makes her laugh). She will try to blow on my belly and then laugh. She also smacks me in the face, and laughs. But there's a certain quality to it, an indefinable thing in which I see her trying to play with me, with twinkling eyes.

And happy St. Valentines Day!!

Isaiah kept saying "Get a picture of duh sword, Mommy?" I reassured him that the sword, would, indeed, be in the picture. I dressed him in the coordinating shirt. He dressed himself in the helmet and the sword....

She got away....

St. George on his way to church...

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