Thursday, March 19, 2015

Of Heroes and Singing Crocodiles

Isaiah wanders around the backyard, purposefully, carrying this watergun and singing his rendition of Mumford and Son's "The Cave". He's being "Jim". All from here.

 Its amazing how stories, especially stories of heroes, shape a kid.   Any man in a mech suit, or anything that could resemble a mech suit (generic astronauts) are "Jim." It makes his "Reach for the Stars" shirt with a astronaut that much cooler, its his "Jim shirt."
He also loves Captain America, and Saint George, sometimes conflating the two, with Captain America killing a dragon.

We had a day that was cold enough for me to subject them to their hats. Keziah would have none of it, but Jenny obliged.

Grandpa was teaching Isaiah how to hit the T-ball. Jenny kept being disturbed whenever Isaiah knocked the ball off the stand. "No, duh ball be ON"

Keziah was oblivious to the dilemma. Now that she was free of the tyranny of the hat, all was well.

On a sunnier day, I decided to photograph some of the circlets I was working on for my etsy shop (yet to be opened). Her is my Arwen Evenstar, modeling them for me.

After I was done photographing Arwen, I turned and saw Keziah, looking at me for moral reflection, as she pondered going after a fallen orange....You know she is figuring out forbidden and not-forbidden at this point, give the little guilty look she shoots you before she goes into the cat water dish or picks up a fallen orange...

Keziah also bounced up and down whenever we pray (we sing Praise God for dinnertime, and various other tunes for lunch, etc). She even stops fussing for food, and silently bounces, often with a big grin on. It is her contribution.

The other day, Jenny heard the whine of a machine.
Jenny: Mommy, what is going on? Is dat a crocodile singing?
Me: No, I think its a lawnmower
Jenny: (very confidently) No, its a crocodile singing.

Isaiah continues to make up stories and retell stories, often reapplying them to various situations in his life. The other day, I was in the other room, and I heard Jenny getting very upset.
Jenny: "Mommy! Idaiah took the peawls fwom Gamma Beawr!!"
He usually doesn't go after her stuffed animals, much less their jewelry. I voiced some commands and threats, no response.
I went into the other room, and saw him holding the pearls and a pair of toy pliers, oblivious to the indignant Jenny, saying to himself " a pair of scissors cut duh pearls, and two flour covered hands caught duh pearls..." (From Richard Scarry's The Great Steamboat Mystery)

Stories, they make such a huge part of his world....

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