Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SHB Sewalong: the Lord of the Rings Edition

So, I'm joining my first-ever sewalong!!

From Cationdesigns the "Small Human Being Sewalong"


I'm planning...
  1. A baby Lord of the Rings themed dress (since this baby could be a girl)
  2. A maternity/nursing (yayy multipurposing!) Lord of the Rings themed coordinating dress for myself.
  3. A baby Lord of the Rings themed boy outfit (since this baby could be a boy)
  4. Baby Elven cloaks!
  5. And if I'm REALLY up to it...I'm going to make a Tree-of-Gondor Mei Tai baby carrier...
I think the rules are to sew during the month of April and share at the end.
Its going to be a Lord-of-the-Rings month, as I'm also sewing some Lord-of-the-Rings inspired elven sleeves for the wedding of a very good friend.

Here's to a fun Lord-of-the-Rings inspired April!

And Happy destruction-of-the-ring day. As well as Happy Medieval-the-first-Good-Friday date...March 25th is about the downfall of evil.


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