Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kuzzles the Big Kid

Kuzzles really is one of the big kids now.
She goes after their toys. She sleeps on the floor with the big kids.

 (we provide a bed, really. They just like the floor) She is finally free of the tyranny of her crib jail.

  She has successfully protested 2 hour naps, shaving them down to 45 minutes, when at all. She is working on protesting, and thus being liberated from her high chair at dinner.

She also, (much to Jenny's distress) tries to climb into Jenny's frog potty chair. I think that one will be a while though.

When she's not indignantly stealing their toys (seriously, she is so full of righteous anger as she takes their the point that I think I was punishing the wrong kid before I realized what was going on), she actually plays quite well with Jenny and Isaiah. 

She loves chasing Isaiah around and around the room, laughing.

She is very supportive of Jenny's potty training achievements. Jenny gets chocolate chips whenever she goes, and the other kids all get a couple as well, as I say "yayy! Clap for Jenny." Now Kuzzles will start to clap as soon as she knows.

She loves baths, and tries to climb into the bathtub whenever she manages to get into the bathroom.

 She's started to be self-aware. She puts on necklaces and bracelets (or packing-tape rolls) on her arms and then trots aroudn looking very self-conscious, waiting for compliments. Its so cute it hurts.

She loves shoes. Her little feet are oddly shaped, being very thick but short, meaning there is only a couple pairs that have the height/width for the length she needs. But she loves them so much, finding her little mary janes in the morning and bringing them to be yelling "maaaah!" which is her way of asking. Then she is content to wear them all day, if one falls off she locates it, "maaaah!" until it is put back on.

She was very excited to wear sunglasses. The first time I put them on her, she was very excited, understanding just how cool she was. She didn't want to take them off, even inside.

She's so cute, it hurts.

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