Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kuzzles' Cuteness

We put the kids down and then heard someone playing a tambourine outside of our door. Josh looked out, and saw the following. Kuzzles with a tambourine in one hand and the jingle bells in the other.

She also likes to creep off into a corner when you look for her, sometimes hunching down, and then when you find her, she laughs uproariously.
She also loves to pet the baby's head. During this transition from baby-laurete to one of the crew, she's been emotional, and sometimes seems resentful of me. However, to my utter astonishment, having watched at least 6-7 children through this transition (my own, and my little siblings), she does not resent Mariam for it at all. I have not seen any aggression or even passive-aggression.
She will yell "BEE-BEE!!" when she sees Mariam, then I will bend down till I am holding Mariam at her level, and she pets her head gently, while beaming.
We've repeated this little ritual hundreds of times since Mariam came home.
That is not to say that Kuzzles doesn't have aggression. I've watched her tackle her older siblings on many occasions, sometime getting a kick out of walking on them when they are trying to sleep, or just lunging at them from behind, getting them in a "hug", and knocking them down, crushing them beneath her, all while maintaining exuberant cheeriness. She's quite a tough little kid.

Terrible Twos have definitely hit already. She's been into taking her siblings toys, yelling "MY MY MY!" and just today, started on the song of "no no no no no" when I try to get her to do something.

Another of her favorite pastimes is to invert the nipples of her bottles, and then yell "MO-MEEEEEE!" until I come. She then presents me with her sabotaged bottle, saying very innocently "Uh-Oh". I will fix it, and then we repeat the little ritual 5 minutes later...

Yesterday, I was trying to teach Jenny her lowercase letters, having made a poster and then using one of the foam lightsabers as a pointer to the letters, as we would make the sounds.
Kuzzles was very interested, standing behind, yelling her assortment of sounds along with us.
Later that day, I found her with a foam lightsaber, whapping the poster and making random sounds.

She's a sweetheart.


  1. K sounds like quite a little character! Your description of her playing hide and seek sounds so much like SHB...isn't it just the cutest when kids think they are hiding successfully?

    1. :) Especially when they look so pleased with themselves....