Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wool Cloak Diagrams and Notes

So I tried a half circle cloak.

Things I learned.

Hood make a rectangle, if any shaping is to be done, snip off the pointy bit at the top like this. Try to round it a bit at the back. It will turn out pointier then expected. Don't add a rounded bit at the tip, it will look like a smurf.


Even using 60" (here shrunk down to 55 or so) with the neck hole, it becomes shorter, a short cloak hitting only a few inches below my knee.

So piece the bottom like the Medieval extant example

Or try my brilliant piecing idea

Or line the bottom like the starry mantle

(to be expanded)
-Neck binding inside edge so not scratchy
-use lotr neck thing so can pull tight, maybe with couple helpful hook n eyes for tight setting
-new hood dimensions
-make neck cutaway bigger then hood, pleat it onto the hood bottom, maybe even putting in darts to neck...
-face front edge so hangs straight.

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