Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arwen's dresses for everyday: Some more 'Everyday Lord of the Rings Clothing' designs and ideas

Because I actually haven't made any of them yet, here are some sketches....

 I've always loved Arwen's Bloodred dress (really, a jumper). Maybe its the colors....or something....

Anyway, I've always loved gold and red together, and that dark blue-black is so beautiful with it. I would love to make something inspired by this for everyday....not in velvet, with small tippetted sleeves that will not get into things. But I'll go crazy with the embroidery. It's cheap (embroidery floss 30 cents a skein at Walmart), and classy.

I like to add a belt. Not having Liv Tyler's figure, I would like some sort of waist definition, either make the whole thing princess seamed (with a removable medieval-style belt), or an empire bodice with a long drapey ankle length skirt. 

Some takes on her bridge dress, altered to my taste.

Her's was very drapey.

I like my necklines somewhat secure so I know I can bend down and pick small children without bad things happening. I do like the cowl neck look though.
I also like there to be some sort of fittedness under the bust. Hence, darted empire bodice, plus long A-line skirt, which I think captures the loose drapey feel of the dress more than snug princess seams.

Aaaand lastly, a family costume idea.
I think it would look great all the time, actually.

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