Sunday, February 9, 2014

What We Wore Sunday, and More Cuteness

What we wore Sunday.

What Isaiah tried to wear to Church.....

First he tried to convince us to put him in "my suit!" (his Cap America suit he wears 6 days of the week). We tried to convince him Steve Rogers would only wear formal clothes to church.
After he was respectably clothed, and at some point as we grabbed diaper bags and headed to the car, he put on his mask and grabbed his shield.

Alas, right after this picture, he was stripped of his mask and shield, despite his protests.

In the car, coming home from church.

Jenny's outfit.

 What Jenny wore. I call it her "fairy dress". Its all cream lace, rose-buds, and more lace at the collar and puffed sleeves. Its so beautiful. She should wear it with pastel pink stockings, but hot pink stockings were what we had, so I used those. Josh teased me as I planned her outfit, "are you sure the stockings aren't too pink?" When I agreed, he then said how all the other women in church would be whispering about the mis-match.
Meaning of course, he thought I was being silly.

 I love her shoes, there's something so classic and timeless about this style. Jenny loves her shoes too. "PITTY SHOES!!!"
Actually its scary how much she loves her shoes....

 Isaiah, out of the car, reunited with his shield and mask.

Here you get a glimpse of what Isaiah wore, sans monkey. I love the look of long pants and suspenders and button down shirts on him. He looks like such a little man.

 Jenny, with her toothbrush. Pardon the mirror-shots...

She is pleased with herself.

I've found with my growing belly that a lot of my maternity clothes just needed to be repaired/accessorized to look nice. Like this shirt, it puffed out too soon making me look like a barrel. But wearing it with an A-line long brown skirt and brown belt really fixed that. I'm going to do this with all my tunic-length maternity tops.

 Note the failed cute mother-daughter shot....

 Now she's smiling....

Taking these pictures is always a challenge, since a lot of the time my kids are doing something like this.

 I thought a couple turned out accidentally artistic.
Isaiah escaping...
Note Jenny's mullet is now growing out more. Stay tuned for attempts at pigtails!

 And the crowning gem of my attempts at photography, I caught Josh laughing, making a non-camera actual-real-live-Josh face!

He doesn't like me taking pictures of him, like its an invasion of privacy or something, but I think of it as my external memory drive. Anyways, I'm pretty sure Josh's smiles come under all his worldly goods he endowed me with or something...

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