Sunday, February 16, 2014

What We Wore Sunday: In which Jenny and Isaiah refuse to get their pictures taken

It was supposed to be a cute shot. If the kids weren't sobbing for chocolate at this point....

This week I went to the thrift store. God is so good, and there were quite a few button down shirts in various reds, which Isaiah looks good in. I got 6 shirts for 11 bucks :)

And then I inherited a cute pink plaid girls size 10 shirt that my little sister outgrew. Last night, very late, I decided to use one of those many "turn a shirt into a girl's dress" tutorials, and made Jenny a shirtwaist dress with a Peter Pan collar, because I love that style.

So, to the pictures. It's right after church, and I tried to bribe my cranky angels to stand outside while I took pictures of them with a promise of future chocolate.

This is Isaiah's "picture smile" when I reminded him (again) that he was doing this for chocolate.

This is him deciding standing still for 10 seconds was enough, wondering if the cake chocolate was a lie.

He smiles again, valiantly.

Jenny began to run around, while I frantically snapped pictures, and Josh tried to hold her still....

This is my attempt at a cute family shot. Isaiah is pretty much done with pictures at this point. 30 seconds was just too much.

Jenny was loudly making known her displeasure. Josh is heroically keeping them still, while bearing the great suffering of picture taking. Note the Stoic expression. (He enjoys picture taking less than Isaiah does)

 And then there was chocolate. The kids were satisfied.

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