Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dwarven Pouch Inspiration: Cool Links on Deviant Art

My new Dwarven Pouch inspiration by a reenactor VendelRus on deviantart here

Sooo, I hate blogger right now. I spent 2 precious hours wasting time on the internet a few months ago, and had collected a whole bunch of links to deviant art of cool dwarven inspiration, plus some bonus eye-candy of guys in really impressive Knight Templar recreations.
It's been sitting in my drafts folder for a month.

And I thought, since I've been mostly doing carpet beetle stuff lately, I may as well edit it with a few comments and post it....And then when I had the tab open, I accidentally hit a button, and BAM it was deleted. completely. and I can't get it back, because blogger autosaved it while I stared helplessly at the computer trying to figure out what to do. Blogger, I am so totally switching to wordpress next year. I hate this.

You are a hand of google on its self stated creepy mission to get "an information monopoly", you get me to give you loads of info for free webmail and bloghosts that you sell to marketers take over the world and perhaps my own dear NSA, you "accidentally" release Palin's password to her gmail during the elections, you blocked "climategate" from your search engines for 2 weeks before the story broke, you collaborated with the Chinese government to catch dissidents, you creepily stalked the nation and had your little google map streetview car collecting people's info on secured networks that took 38 or some state attorney generals to sue you over for you to at least feign shame about it, and now you delete my Dwarven and Templar links.

That is going to far. Deep Breath. Ok. So.

I was able to re search some of them, but now I'll never know if I have them all. And I still can't find the Templar links.

OK, so, Inspiration #1 VendelRus on Deviantart. The pouches and knife scabbards and belt contraptions are EXACTLY what I had in mind for dwarves.
Hah, and I thought I was inventing it with a little historical flavor.
It appears the Vikings invented these things ages ago...(And historical reenactors reinventing them now)

My ideas (blogged about here)

 And now look at Vendelrus's Viking Woman Image....
From VendelRus HERE.
This totally encapsulates what I think of as Dwarven Women's Clothing. Just imagine lots of feet of braids wrapped around her head, and either a baby or a pick axe strapped to her back. Or both.
And shorter.

More images from VendelRus's Gallery (just click through the numbers on the bottom to see all the pages)

Anglo Saxon Sheath by VendelRus.
This is totally something dwarves would do, decorating their functional things. Practical and Beautiful. That's the dwarves. The elves would make something beautiful just because. The dwarves like purposes to things.
Bag Bling by Vendelrus
 I love this pouch soo much. I totally would wear something like this every day. I never could get into the whole purses thing, I hated always having to remember where it was with a vague sense of worry, but this just clips onto your belt. And besides, purses matching shoes has got nothing on THIS AWESOMENESS.

And just because I can't get over this awesome configuration, I will post it again. "Hanging Pouches" is what I thought the dwarves would have. THIS IS TOTALLY IT. Knife, check. Pouch, check. More pouch, check. Awesome belt, check. Awesome hanging configuration, check.
All it needs is a horn.

Viking Bling by VendelRus
And besides, this VendelRus has got the cutest little Viking/Dwarven baby I ever saw....

"Superior Stick Handling" by VendelRus on deviantart

 More Inspiration, from DarkSunTattoo on deviantart, (his viking handcrafts gallery here, his reenactors being vikings here)

By DarkSunTattoo on Deviantart

By DarkSunTattoo on Deviantart
By DarkSunTattoo

More awesomeness....
Viking Drinking Horn by DarksunTattoo
And a bag with a rigid carved top, I could make something like this...

Viking Bag by DarkSunTattoo


hannah ideas

Viking Women's Outfit by DarkSunTattoo on Deviantart
Viking Women by DarkSunTattoo
Just imagine her with lots of braids, and a belt (I don't know why its missing in this picture) with the pouches above, and ofcourse, shorter.

More medieval/viking woman awesomeness from reenactors on deviantart

This one (Aspova on deviantart) just look so right to be somehow. I love her head kercheif and her expression, it seems so Dwarven/Germanic to me, smiling but cautious, reserved, strong.

Viking-Age Woman by Aspova on Deviantart
 While I imagine Tolkien's dwarves clothed like Vikings, I imagine their culture to be much more Germanic. With all the emotion and pride of the Celts/Vikings, but tempered with restraint and sense and dignity and long memory, like the Germans. (I know I am painting with a very broad brush here) Prone to hold grudges, but also to remember generations-old debt, and lay down their lives for it.

Another Viking Reenactor, 'weavedmagic' on deviantart. Love the tablet woven detail, especially on the neck of her dress.
Viking Woman by weavedmagic on deviantart
Okay, so another image by weavedmagic, not really dwarven at all but it was too beautiful not to share. Looking toward the light, the window composition, how the light catches her hair....this is high art.
Blue Dress by weavedmagic on deviantart

 ALL IS FORGIVEN!!!! I found my Templar Links!!! (and some Hussars and more...)



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