Monday, October 20, 2014

Sex and the Single Woman

I've had some thoughts on emotional fulfillment and marriage (here and here) but this woman takes it from a single woman's perspective, and the suffering of singleness.

"....It doesn’t feel good, but it is a gift that I can share with others. Sitting across from a wife as she explains why it’s time to leave her husband because he is not meeting her emotional needs—needs that are real and valid and designed to be met—I have experienced that gift. I have been able to look her in the eyes and say that it is normal and natural and good to be hungry for the things she needs. I get to minister to her by looking her in the eyes and sharing how that hunger can be a gift; how suffering the loss of valid dreams is an opportunity to gain Christ. " (italics mine)

Valid be loved, to be understood, to have children, to be happy, so many expectations we have out of this life. But, we won't be satisfied in this life.

Because, we were made for more than this. We were made for God.

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