Friday, October 24, 2014

Jenny's Hair Tutorial

So, this was completely un posed (except for the pic of her holding the applesauce). This is how she did her hair. And yes, she tries to rub yogurt, applesauce, tomato sauce, etc into her hair at every chance she gets. I don't know why. I even found bits of omelet in it once....

It looked so much like a tutorial I had to make it into without further ado,

I present

Jenny's first ever hair tutorial

The Look. Style with a barette and some necklaces

Style your hair the night before with applesauce. I like this brand, as its the only one my mom ever gets. Sometimes I use yogurt, or spaghetti sauce, or lentils, or jam, depending on what's available. Omelet doesn't hold the volume very well....

Get a hold of a brush. I got mine that my mom left airing out in the back yard. And a spray bottle.  

STEP 3: 
Spray the brush with the spray bottle. 

Brush your hair 

 STEP 5:
Repeat as needed.

Give it a nice air dry by running around the back yard, preferably with a toy car you just liberated from your brother. Being chased around increases the air drying process.                                 

Enjoy your chic hairstyle, perfect for riding firetrucks and just running about the back yard in.

And here it is in a all in one page, for handy future reference.

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  1. I don't think I'm quite ready to let Jenny do my hair! from not quite anonymous Grandmom