Monday, September 8, 2014

Family Medieval Outfits: In the Gardens of Ithilien...

So, about that medieval family costume idea....

I think it looks like Faramir and Eowyn's family in Ithilien. Early Medieval clothing, which I think is what Tolkien probably envisioned. (although I do love the movie's costume design)

Josh and Isaiah Link Tunic. (Whoever designed Faramir's Ranger Outfit must have subconsciously been copying Link...)

Simple, Army to Olive Green, self-fabic facing with some decorative stitching. Slim cut but able to pull on over their heads. (I think I'm going to forgo Link's side lacing at least on the first round)

Ofcourse, Josh should wear them with his bracers, and his boots or boot gaiters on his modern boots, depending on what I've finished by then.

All of the outfits can be worn with close-fitting long sleeved shirts underneath, it looks nice and period appropriate.

Hannah and the girls in Tunic-dresses, slightly Saxon-y, Early Medievalish, Eowyn...

Basic Tunic shape, though I'll forgo the period-appropriate godets (hey, Eowyn is a princess, she can afford wide-loomed fabric), and just flare the panels on the sides, slightly below the bust. I'll have a center seam to aid with the nursing acess, and put a little bit of shaping in it just under the bust. But this will not be anywhere near as fitted as a kirtle. It will be pull over the head type.

The  Sleeves will be bliaut style with embroidered bands just above the elbow. Haven't figured out how long to make them. Living in dear old Arizona, I'll probably settle fro the middle length...

I'll sew a cloth bliaut style belt. Hopefully I'll flare it enough under the bust that it could accommodate a baby belly up to 6/7 months. Be Prepared, as the boyscouts say :D

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