Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zoo Trip 2

We went to the zoo again, this time Jenny wearing another dress from a re-purposed shirt....anyways, the kids had fun.

Jenny the Fearless....
She kept pointing to new animals in the exhibit "I want to ride duh...[insert Jenny's names for things here]!"

"I want to ride duh ewephunt!"

Isaiah was cautious, and preferred the warthog, as he could climb on to it himself.

Isaiah on the elephant. Earlier, when we were looking at real live animals, he got really excited over the emus. "Dragons!" Josh corrected him "No, they're not dragons. They're really big birds" to which Isaiah responded joyfully "Dere DINOSAURS!!!"

Isaiah wanted them both to sit on the warthog, together. Jenny wanted to sit on taller things...

After posing on the baby elephant, Jenny requested that Josh put her on the "big Daddy Elephant"

Dream on, fearless one....

Isaiah was a little nervous on the (ibex??).

I decided baby Keziah needed to join in the fun and ride the Lion.

These were such cool creatures, I had to get a picture....

Keziah was unimpressed.

Josh helping them see the lions and tigers. There was much joy, as the usually-always-sleeping lions got up and did such thrilling things as lick themselves. "Duh Mommy Wion went and sees duh Daddy Wion! Duh Daddy Wion wake up! Duh Mommy Wion walking..." Isaiah and Jenny gave us a running commentary.

Much fun was had by all. We came home and Jenny gave a meticulous report to Grandma and Grandpa about what we saw.
"En we saw duh Turtle, en duh fish, en duh Mommy Wion woke up..." etc.

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