Friday, September 26, 2014

Of Mega Blocks and Cold Bags

Jenny is really into building things. It started ages ago, one morning (perhaps she was a year and a half?) I went into their room in the morning, to find Isaiah asleep, and Jenny had quietly built a tower, which she was then observing, sucking her thumb. As I came into the room, she pulled out her thumb and told me "I buiwd a castwew [castle]"

For her birthday we got her more megablocks.

She has this dedicated intense mode when she builds. Like she's a little engineer, stratregizing, creating. Isaiah gets very emotionally involved in his creations. Whether they are supposed to be "lambs" or "Big Green Hulk" or just a tower. When they fall down, he freaks out.

The tower partially collapsed. Isaiah wept. Jenny observed, and built more things.

Jenny with her tower.

Jenny and Isaiah built a "sheep" and then got into an argument about what it ate. Isaiah insisted it ate "grass", but Jenny maintained it at "cookies"....

I put on the old Gondor Tunic (just a Tunic cut from a black worn out adult's T shirt, that I embroidered with a bit of white DMC floss from Walmart) that I had made for Isaiah for Hallelujah night 2011, onto Jenny, and without the belt and pants, it made a little dress. It was before I knew about knit neck bindings, and alas, I cut too large to fit over Isaiah's huge little head.

Best view of the embroidery. Alas, she is coveting Isaiah's "cohwd bag"
They had a little struggle over the "cohwd bag" (cold bag) which Isaiah had for a bump on his head.
Jenny is upset, while I try to explain to her that Isaiah needs it because he got hurt, and Jenny doesn't really need it.

Jenny got it. Isaiah is distracted by the water dripping off the roof....

Jenny triumphs in her victory.

And here she just wanted to spray mommy with the spray bottle....

Isaiah frequently requests I draw "Darth Vader" and "Wuke" and "Stormtroopers" in chalk, (they are the successors to the Beaver families that I drew hundreds of times..."draw Daddy bwue beaver" "draw mommy beaver" "draw Isaiah bwue beaver..." "draw Jenny bwue beaver.." and just when you thought you were done "draw Daddy white beaver" "draw mommy white beaver..." etc etc etc repeat with all colors of chalk that we own)

Anyway, here Jenny has proudly announces she's drawn some "stoymtoopehs"

I took them inside, and posed Jenny on a chair to photograph her tunic. That's her "I know I'm cute" face.

Isaiah kept the baby occupied. Often I come up and hear Keziah laughing, and Isaiah playing with her and being silly.

Here are what selfies look like when you've got 3 kids.

And since this post was mostly about Jenny, here are the other two....

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