Friday, August 22, 2014

R2D2 and Luke Skywalker Eating Peaches Photodump

Here are the toddler R2D2 Costume and toddler Luke Skywalker Outfit that I made last October. Thankfully, I made the R2D2 dress roomy enough that I could still get it on Jenny.
(Tutorial on how I made the R2D2 Dress here)

The only way I could bribe them into letting me take their pictures was feeding them peaches. Jenny was thrilled to wear her "Aw too dee too dwess", but Isaiah threw a fit about putting on his Luke Skywalker costume. The result was I just sort of stuffed him into it, and didn't get to pin it or its kind of falling off. Sigh.

Here are the pictures, courtesy of peaches.

Luke Skywalker, smiling in faith, for the peaches hoped for....

Now rejoicing over peaches received.

You get a better idea of the R2D2 toddler dress here.

My little runaway R2. If only toddlers had a restraining bolt.

Best view of the R2 hat...

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