Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Quick takes

---So I decided I wanted to do it Princess seamed, with a back zipper closure, and a front invisible zipper down the front for nursing access. It will be a shallow v neck like the movie. It will be floor length. Still working out the sleeves. I think I'll make a mock up...not sure what fabric to use yet..

In which Isaiah teaches Jehanne what Stethoscopes are for

Stethoscopes are tasty, really

He offered her Josh's baseball

---Isaiah was falling asleep in his crib, and I usually lie on the bed right next to it while he comes to terms with the fact he is going to have to go to sleep. Every night, when he's moved passed the denial and anger stage, and into the acceptance stage, he will push his little hand through the slats and hold my hand and fall asleep. He was going through the denial stage this night, and I was side-nursing Jehanne on the bed, and fading out myself. When I came to, I realized he had already gone to sleep. I was amazed, since he had not done this without holding my hand. I looked up and saw he had reached through and was holding Jehanne's hand through the crib slats. I got up and left them both sleeping angelically, holding hands through the crib slats.

---Another time Jehanne was wanting to suck on something (she still refuses pacifiers, and wants my finger), and then became quiet. We looked and saw that Isaiah had climbed onto the bed and put his finger in her mouth, which she was happily sucking. It was sweet. And then I wondered where else his little hands had been (he has an obsession with trying to open the diaper genie. He will embrace it and even though it is taller then him, carry it around the room, then lay it on its side, and try to crack it open...)

---Isaiah woke up very thoughtful and quiet on Sunday morning. As we were getting ready for church, Josh asked Isaiah how he was. He looked thoughtful and said "Ca"  so now we know he thinks about the Cat a lot...

---Jehanne has found her voice. Sometimes we wake up in middle of the night to hear her talking loudly to herself, and then she goes back to sleep.

---Isaiah said (a word we had never taught him before) "coat" very clearly when he wanted to join Josh in driving Sarah home. So he got to put on his coat, and said "Shoes" and got them on too, and went out with Dad.

---Isaiah will watch the cars going down the street through the glass door out to the porch. He got very excited when we bundled him up to take him OUTSIDE to watch the cars for 5 minutes. He was so happy. Poor city kid.... Now its like a ritual. Yesterday, at 10:30 pm (I know I know...) it was raining, and we all bundled up, Jehanne poking out of my coat, Josh in his green coat looking Ranger-ish silhouetted against the sky, and Isaiah decked out in the full glory of his coat and blinking spider man boots to go watch cars under the dark raining sky. It was fun. It felt epic. And I was pumped about Rand Paul filibustering and saying what needs to be said. I'm a neocon really, but I loved him for it, speaking truth to power and all that. It felt like the beginning of an adventure, and I imagined Josh and I and the babies embarking on an adventure out into the world....Then I noticed Jehanne had gotten rain on her head, and there was a possible homeless guy doing something strange in the street (maybe putting a secret mark on the pavement, the 'Striders' of the city....yeah that would be cool) and so we went inside.

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