Sunday, December 14, 2014

Of Mud Puddles and Pretty Princesses

This is from a couple months ago, I just never got round to publishing it. Here goes.

Isaiah told me "my bewwy huwts."
Not sure if this was an indirect request for the potty, I asked "what do you want me to do?"
He said calmly "can you pway?"
Thank you, Isaiah <3

They love pretending their water spray bottles are bug spray and they "spray duh BAD MUSKEETOS"

I came upon them in a mud puddle, Isaiah looks up at me, makes a big grin, and says in his most overtly cheerful voice "I'm so happy!" and "I put my nice stick in duh nice mud!"

Being cherubically cute, and just daring me to ruin the childhood moment.
So I didn't. So I took a picture instead.

Jenny has a sense of 'fair fight'. She grabbed a forbidden can of pencils and brushes "Mommy, I got dis!" she informed me, before running down the hall with it, ignoring my threats and commands to put it down.

"Idaiah is a handsome supehewo. Jenny is a pretty princess"

"I'm a pretty princess." later "Princess is NOT guwl" She's still working on the whole concept of things being several things at once....

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