Monday, August 11, 2014

Fixing A Tube Top Dress with Sleeves: A Practical Solution to refashioning my "honeymoon tube top dresses"

I fixed my tube top dresses, by refashioning them with sleeves. Now they are toddler-tug-safe!

Those tube top dresses I bought for my honeymoon...

I was going to get married. I WANTED to be cute. I  bought a bunch of tube top dresses and brightly peasant dresses to be pretty on my honeymoon. With the vague idea I would be wandering down Carribean beaches in them, with tropical flowers in my hair. Not the 10 day camping trip in the mountains that I had planned....

Full of Wonder, Rocks, and Mosquitos. Not the best place for beachy dresses

I never did wear those dresses on my honeymoon. I wore men's XL T-shirts with pants and a belt with a waterbottle hanging off it and felt medieval and awesome.
And to this day, the smell of bug spray reminds me of my honeymoon. And those tube top dresses sat unworn in my drawer...I never did wear them...

I discovered that whoever invented tube top dresses never had a toddler tugging down on their skirts.

So in the last couple of days, I refashioned them.
And the best part are that they are both nursing and pregnancy friendly :)

See? Toddlers!!!

Really really cute toddlers. Plus a baby.

A really really cute baby.

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