Saturday, August 2, 2014

Freezer Paper Stencils! Penguins Logo and Gondor

Penguins and Gondor, both close to our hearts....

My magnum opus. So proud. A couple hours with a utility knife, an iron, fabric paint, a black shirt, and viola, I had a father's day present for Josh.


  1. I'm just stalking your various blog headings now since clicking on the Mei Tai link in the SHB sewalong, and had to comment on this particular one--given that my husband is also a big Penguins fan, and my love for LotR, I'm beginning to suspect that we would get along really well!

    1. :D
      That's so funny. When we were dating, the Penguins were playing the Red Wings for the Stanley Cup, and I could tell if they'd won or lost a game just given by the tone of his "hi" on the phone....I grew up not caring about sports at all, but now his love for the Penguins is starting to rub off on me :)
      Btw I think all the LotR stuff you made your baby is so cool :) If you lived near Phoenix AZ we could dress up our babies and do a photoshoot :)
      Randomly, I have no idea what this was for, but I stumbled upon it on alleyscratch and it made my day, I think you'd think its cute.
      (scroll down to the "Two Toddlers")