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More Thoughts on Making Faramir's Scabbard & Quiver and Link's Scabbard & Belt

Some Thoughts on Making Faramir's Quiver and Scabbard. (And on making Link's back scabbard)

Most of these Pictures come from THIS INCREDIBLY USEFUL WEBSITE with a complete piece by piece breakdown of the entire ensemble, with line drawings by gryphonsmith
So I had thoughts on the breakdown of the Faramir vs Link Outfit here,  thoughts/planning on Faramir's quiver and pants and shirt here and here's my first attempts log and my first attempt pix, as well as initial thoughts on bracers and a lot of work on the bracers and a bunch of work on getting the half circle cloak right... 

(finish) Faramir Ranger Outfit for Josh
  1.   Hauberk 1.0 (requilt the old hauberk, and to make the thin leather seem like thick leather...)
  2.   Hauberk 2.0 (Buy New Thicker Leather) use quilting techniques I learned from the bracers
  3.   Tan Quilted Tunic shirt, (use sheet)
  4.   Brown pants (use sheet)
  5.   Green Overtunic (use thick stuff)
  6.   Faramir's Belt (with optional Link pouches)
  7.   Link's back scabbard
  8.   Faramir's quiver
  9.    making Boots/boot-covers 1.0,
  10.    quilted leather vambraces/bracers (Buy New Thicker Veg Tan Leather)
  11.    quilted pauldrons (1.0 from canvas, use split hide in final?)
  12.    cloak (make a new cloak like this from my 4 yds of loose woven wool, need to dye it first)
  13.    Green Medieval Tunic (half-sleeve Link Style)
  14.    BOW with fletched Arrows 
This post is on #7 Back Scabbard and #8 quiver and #6 belt.

We will look at Faramir's Scabbard (hip), and Link's Scabbard (back).

First, Faramir's Scabbard.
We see its a main belt, with 2 straps coming off of it, the first a short strap to the top of the scabbard, and the second strap looks like it may be adjustable, about 1/3 way down the scabbard. This is to keep the sword from swinging willy-nilly on your belt when you run, etc. If its adjustable (I think I see a small buckle there) it allows you to adjust the angle it hangs for a quick draw.

Link's scabbard is a back scabbard. It's basically a main belt with a smaller strap riveted to the belt in 2 places.
The main belt goes over his chest and over one shoulder and down his back. There is some sort of leather shoulder pad to distribute the weight better. (Especially as I think he also hangs his shield on the strap across his back). Then there is a strap that is riveted onto the front and back to keep the scabbard stable. It runs from his center chest along one side at the same height as the main belt on the other side and joins back to the main belt at center back.

The smaller strap is an attempt to keep the weight bearing belt out on his shoulder, and prevent it from crawling up and pinching his neck (as any mom knows who as improperly worn a baby sling). To me it seems an attempt to partly correct the assymetrical design and even out the weight a bit. Assymetrical is uncomfortable. (As any mom knows who has worn her baby in a Shoulder sling vs a Mei Tai carrier). Especially given the weight of his shield, I think it would make more sense for Link to wear 2 belts like an X across his chest, riveted together mid-chest and mid-back. (I'm pretty sure I've seen this style in Skyrim).
But then maybe Link wants his sword arm's shoulder to be me.

So both of these scabbard's strap systems are totally doable with leather brown belts, some leather straps, rivets, and a few metal rings and fittings.

 Now, to make the actual scabbards (the part that holds the sword)


Ye Olde Gaffers made this and has a tutorial HERE
He shows you how to use simple slats of wood and your sword and some simple tools to make one of these. Then I found links to making your own chapes (the sword fitting on the tip of the scabbard HERE and HERE) So that's totally what I'm doing.

Once I have a sword.

So until then, I'm going to make strap systems that hold other things like pouches, shields, and quivers.

So it seems that Faramir's Quiver is simply a cyndrilical holder (holding a bag) attached to a simple loop belt worn slung over one shoulder across the chest.

Back View, NO CLOAK

Slung across the front, with cloak. Notice how it goes up over the cloak on one shoulder, and underneath the cloak on the other. Note how the strap is creeping up and digging into his neck (this is why Link had that extra strap.) Ofcourse the weight of Faramir's quiver is a lot less uncomfortable than the weight of Link's shield and sword. I think I'm going to improvise an extra strap like Link's to keep it from riding up like that. Plus extra straps just look cool.

 It comes through a slit in the back of his cloak to enable him to wear his cloak over both shoulders, but still have the quiver outside of his cloak. (the old backpack over or under a cloak conundrum)

 See how I highlighted the strap with red on the left image. It comes over his cloak on one shoulder, and then attaches to the quiver, and then into a slit in his cloak and around his body joining in a buckle on the chest.

So that should be relatively simple to make, its just a cylinder quiver with a single belt/strap that is attached at the top and middle of the quiver to keep it upright. (you don't want it attached at a single point or the quiver could very well flip over and dump your arrows out)

 But instead of the bottom strap attaching right at the base, it would be somewhere mid-cylinder. And ofcourse the cylinder part would be gussied up to look like Faramir's.

Faramir's belt is a regular belt but with a really wide fan shaped buckle.
From this incredibly useful site

This buckle allows him to knot the end. The belt also has a cool fitting on the end...

Cool Fitting
Also from the same incredibly Useful Website

Link's belt....
 Love the big roomy back pouches. I guess its a Medieval Fannypack.... kind of reminds me of Luke Skywalker's belt....

I definitely want to make a brown leather belt with pouches like this. I may make the pouches from canvas if I don't have leather. It's so useful, even if it is dorky...

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