Thursday, August 21, 2014

Of Helmets and Heroes

Isaiah loves heroes. The only movie he would watch at the advanced age of 1.5 yrs was Captain America. So Captain America was watched 17 times in one week, as we tried to pack up and move our lives across the country.

This is Jenny, but you get the picture....
And then it was 'Wuke Skywalker!' of which I have only ever let him see Ep IV, because it is a 'bright world' (like Captain America 1), and only when Daddy is present. Daddy's presence seems to repel fear.

But Josh (at Isaiah's request) has told him as bedtime stories a good amount of the other two, of which "Wuke en de MONSTER" is a bedtime favorite. So much so, that Jenny has it memorized as well. Josh says "Luke was riding his--" Jenny belts out "TON TON" Josh continues "And he says--" Isaiah continues "what duh matter? you smeww somefing?" etc etc. and on it goes with the Snow Monster's entrance, the demise of the Ton-Ton, and the near demise of Luke (as the Snow Monster prepares his pots and pans to eat Luke for dinner), and the triumph as Luke retrieves his lightsaber and cuts of the monsters arm.

Josh animated a pillow, to make it the Snow Monster in the Cave (a blanket he arranged in a heap) and Isaiah whapped it with his pool tube lightsaber.

Now are days are filled with such gems as Isaiah proclaiming, "MOMMY! I'm gonna cook you en eat you for dinner!" while whapping me with his lightsaber.

Or other Star Wars gems, as in "I'm gonna cut off your arm!!"

Or, during his obsession with his lego knight action figure he names "Daddy", I overheard him making up stories as he played.

"...en den Daddy pushed Capun America down to duh Sarlac!"
But he still loves Captain America. And Daddy. So maybe Daddy was just having a bad day.

And then there was the time he saw my sister's Avengers poster. (He has never actually seen Iron Man in a movie. I wonder what he's like in Isaiah's imagination, because I overhear him telling stories with Iron Man's name in them).

He would silently stand before it, and then, with wide worshipful eyes, carefully reach out and touch the Iron Man's glowing hand, reverently, like the Stigmata.

It was then I realized we needed more stories about Jesus in his roundup....

Recently, he's taken to watching certain videos on my computer on am almost daily basis. (I confess, it gives me time to do things such as this blog, on the computer).

And he'd taken to holding the Peg Board on his head (sand pegs), and insisted on calling it "my helmet."

 I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was a helmet, until Josh overheard him (while holding it to his head, singing "DOVAKHIIN, DOVAKHIIN..."

So now we all know what is going through his head, and why the pegboard is shaped like a helmet.....

Isaiah being a firefighter. That is what he says.

And then, very often he puts on his white bicycle helmet, and carries around his pooltube lightsaber, and solemnly starts singing garbled heartfelt words, such as "wefwesh my broken mind!"
Along with his own interpretation of instrumentation and words to the tune of Mumford and Sons "The Cave."

All while solemnly charging about the room with his bike helmet and a lightsaber. Very Solemnly. As if he feels the weight of responsibility.
(And he will watch that movie over and over and over. Right now, he saw me embedding this and now we've just watched it 4x so I can get this post up...but seriously, I love Wings of Liberty....and its good for him, I think)

Isaiah's serious face.
He's also obsessed with "Bowuwf en duh big bwue monster!" which is Beowulf, as told to him by Aunt Bekah. Again. And Again. And Again. (I think her record is repeating it 6x in a row...on request)

And of course this wouldn't be complete with some pictures of the other kids....
Jenny stole Isaiah's peach. And then burst into a spontaneous rendition of "Pwaise God fwom whom aww bwessings fwoww!!!"

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