Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Were any of them this cute?

"Were any of them this cute!?"
A sentence I would resent, as one of the oldest, as my mother breathlessly interrupted my Dad reading us Lord of the Rings. He would always respond, "Yes, they were all that cute" and continue with Aragorn son of Arathorn doing great things...

But now I understand.

It's not that she thought that the new babies were cuter, its that her mind was on overload from the over-maximum threshold of bearable cuteness, and that phrase was just showing that her brain was short-circuiting.

For the human mind can only contain a certain amount of cuteness, after which it short circuits, is overwhelmed, and the memory cannot contain it.

And thus, we retain only our maximum level of bearable cuteness in our memories.

And when we are surprised again, we have no choice but to short-circuit in overwhelmed awe....

And we cannot be trusted to be using logic, nor memory, nor competently speak the English language, in a moment such as that.

So. Much. Cuteness.


The ever popular SIBLING PICTURE!

Baby gets that she's supposed to be smiling, but doesn't know in which direction. Isaiah is oblivious, Jenny don't care.

Baby gets that she is supposed to be smiling and now knows in which direction. Isaiah is oblivious. Jenny don't care.

Isaiah gets with the program, just as Baby decides to leave it. Jenny don't care.

And now for the Sister Picture. Jenny knows when I'm propping them up together camera in hand and starts to chant "Sissas! Sissas!" (She also held a birthday hat to our cat Zoes' head, and sang "happy biytday to Zoooeee..." but unfortunately there exists no picture of that.)

Isaiah upgraded from high chair to booster chair.

We bought him a cow one from Walmart, as it was the cheapest.

Isaiah hates change, and was not sure what he thought of it.

Then Jenny christened it the "Stoymtoopey cheh"

 Instantly glam. Fought over.

Love that kid.

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